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Maple Walnut Banana Bread recipe

Banana Walnut Bread

You will fall in love with our Banana Walnut Bread recipes that are studded with crunchy California walnuts.

Vegan Walnut Pesto Recipe

Walnut Pesto Recipe

Make your own homemade walnut pesto and add to anything you wish to make your meals more delicious!

Woman Eating Walnuts

Walnut Honey Mustard Snack Mix

This savory-sweet Walnut Honey Mustard Snack Mix is fresh and seasoned perfectly. It’s great for a snack while hiking, meal-prepping, or watching a movie on the couch. 

Fresh cinnamon and walnut pastry pinwheels on a cutting board

Rugelach with Walnuts and Pecans

Rugelach is a delicious cookie that originated in the Jewish communities of Poland. It’s made with cream-cheese dough, spread with filling, such as jam and nuts, and then rolled up.

Healthy Candied Walnuts

Candied Walnuts Recipe

Walnuts add versatility in the kitchen as a snack or ingredient. They have a mild, buttery flavor that makes them perfect for baking into cookies, cakes, and in your favorite recipe for candied walnuts. These healthy nuts are an excellent source of omega-3 essential fatty acids, so why not enjoy them in every bite you take?

Protein Substitutes For Meat

Meat Substitutes

Over half of American consumers are eating more plant-based foods because it makes them feel healthier, but many plant-based “meats” are loaded with artificial ingredients. Heart-healthy walnuts can meet both the flavor and texture demands for meat substitutes and can be easily incorporated into countless foods.

Italian Cream Cake Pecan cake recipe

Pecan Cake Recipe

Adapted from a recipe by Olivia and the Liv for Cake blog, this showpiece takes everything that’s delicious about pecan pie and transforms it into a beautiful cake. Bake it for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any time at all!

Walnut brownie recipe

Walnut Brownie Recipe

Although people enjoy walnuts with both sweet and savory flavors, sweet combinations are popular. California walnuts from Glenda’s Farmhouse are perfect for baking. Try them today in your favorite Walnut Brownie recipe.

Guinness Beer Pecans surrounded by Guinness Stout bottles and Glenda's Farmhouse Pecans

Guinness Beer Pecans With Bacon

We’re celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in a nutty kind of way! We made some delicious Guinness Beer Pecans with Bacon! Try the pub-styled recipe at home and let us know what you think!

5 Chocolate cookies stacked up on a plate held by a young girl.

Chocolate Cookies With Walnuts

We’re baking with Glenda’s Granddaughter, Emma!
Emma loves to cook, but prefers to bake. She’s a delight in the kitchen and around the table. We enjoy every meal or dessert she decides to make and are proud of her passion to create.

A walnut pear avocado bowl surrounded by it's fresh ingredients.

Walnut Pear & Avocado Bowl

Enjoy this healthy bowl with quinoa and a creamy avocado dressing. This is a quick meal perfect to beat the summer heat.