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How We Farm

We strive every day to balance business needs with doing right for the people we serve and the planet we inhabit. 

People working in the fields

Science-based sustainable,

Regenerative Farming Practices

are the cornerstone of all we do as we deliver plentiful, delicious, nutritious, and safe food products.

Water Conservation

While we use minimal irrigation to begin with, our farming operations deploy advanced technology and water recycling.

Low-flow nozzles, digital in-ground monitoring, and precise drip irrigation keeps our water usage as low as possible.

water conservation with low-flow nozzles, digital in-ground monitoring, and precise drip irrigation
Water Conservation


In 2022, we successfully removed all use of plastic liners for production bins by deploying a state-of-the-art bin scrubbing machine.

This machine also will reduce water usage for this portion of production by 50%. 

By the end of 2025, our goal is to use 100% recycled packaging for all of our products.



Pollinators & Biodiversity

With 2,000+ acres of crop production land, we continue to expand the pollinator-friendly environments that co-exist with our farming operations.

Our goal is to provide more than 2,500 bee-and-pollinator-friendly environments, while we encourage partner farming operations to do the same. 

bee flying to a flower

A Renewability


Our tree nut products are naturally renewable by nature. A stunning 95% of our walnut production is based on fully renewable resources. 100% of walnut meat is used for consumption, while non-consumer elements are used for cattle food and road pack. This means virtually everything that isn’t consumed by humans is put to use elsewhere.

Commitment to

Nature and Community

While we strive to be the best stewards of our natural environments, Glenda’s also works hard every day to give back to our communities.

Our Community Page showcases some of the good things our employees do to be amazing neighbors. 

two poeple planting trees in a field