About - Glendas Farmhouse

A Family-Owned Legacy

Glenda’s Farmhouse is part of Andersen & Sons Shelling. With roots dating back almost 120 years, we deliver on a commitment to serving customers as if they are our own family.

Guided by Our Mission

We set out each day to provide delicious and nutritious food for the whole family to enjoy while maintaining traditional values from innovative resources and farmers.

Mom and Dad Masonic Function

Lasting Legacy

The Andersen legacy runs deep in Northern California, with family at the heart of everything we do.

Follow the lineage of Andersen & Sons Shelling and Glenda’s Farmhouse, with some key milestones and moments that set the stage for something truly unique and special.

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First land purchased. The Andersen legacy began with the Northern Sacramento Valley land that started it all. A simple start to what would become a premier family-owned and operated American farm.

Knudt Andersen planted the first walnut tree. This critical turning point marked the start of a new and lasting era for the Andersen business operations. It set the stage for growing operations across thousands of acres of prime land.

Glenda married Frank. As the family began to extend to another generation, the ensuing four+ decades would mark a time of sustained and steady expansion.

Glenda's Farmhouse is named after Glenda in honor of her commitment to farming and her love for family and community. Hospitality and great food were always core to the Andersen family - along with relatives and friends. Glenda always had something at-the-ready to share.

2022 Andersen & Sons Shelling expands, building a state-of-the-art 300,000 sq.ft. warehouse on the property to accommodate more business for both Andersen and Glenda’s Farmhouse. With the ability to run 60,000 pounds/hr, Andersen can better serve massive retailers and its direct customers with state-of-the-art storage and logistics operations.

A LASTING LEGACY Family, Community, Quality Food, Sustainability

Decades strong, and from our family to yours - we believe in good health and providing quality food that nourishes the body.