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Commitment to Community

Appreciation for our communities and the environment run deep in the hearts of everyone at Glenda’s Farmhouse. So we strive to give back to make our communities all they can be. 

Three children pose for a photo on Glenda's Farm.

Craft A

Bright Future

Charitable giving is just one way we strive to make a difference. Through financial support and human energy, we seek to empower youth, improve infrastructure, help those in critical situations, and craft a bright future via sustainable farming practices.

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Chico State University

Empowering students pursuing farming careers

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The Abbey of the New Clairvaux

Preserving a history of service

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Tehama County Fair Participants

Creating opportunities for kids to learn how to cook with natural ingredients

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Vina Park

Ensuring great parks for communities

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Camp Fire Victims

Helping people impacted by devastating 2018 fires


Sustainability &

Regenerative Practices

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Water Conservation

We always seek to reduce water usage and recycle water when possible. Low-flow, drip irrigation ONLY when trees need it.

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Drastic reductions in the use of plastics and diligent water recycling are key to our efforts.
By the end of 2022, we’ll remove 100% of plastics in core parts of production.

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Pollinators & Biodiversity

We are closing in on our goal of providing more than 2,500 acres of production land as bee and pollinator-friendly environments.

Always Striving to

Do What’s Right

Sustainability, responsible environmental practices, and just being a good neighbor – these are the foundational principles of how we balance business goals with making a positive impact on those around us.

The team at Glenda’s Farmhouse and Andersen & Sons Shelling do all we can, every day, to be good stewards of our part of the world.

We’re proud of the strides made toward our stewardship goals. In fact, 95% of our walnut production now constitutes renewable resources, from cattle food to road pack to 100% of walnut meat prepped for consumption.

Our new partnership with the Pollinator Partnership’s Bee Friendly Farming Partner network provides our team the opportunity to do even more to protect pollinator habitats on and near our agricultural operations. We’re always looking to remain at the forefront of agricultural practices and to be aware of the latest best practices on bee sustainability.

While we don’t have all the answers to sustainability and optimal practices for environmental protection, we continually strive to learn more, improve processes, allocate resources, and do better year after year. It’s essential we all do the right things on behalf of the people of our communities, our customers, and the planet.

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