Glenda's Story - Glendas Farmhouse

A Glimpse Into
the Life of Our Namesake, Glenda

We often get asked, “Is Glenda a real person?”

Glenda married into the Andersen family‘s third generation since the company began in 1904

Glenda Andersen was, for many years, the heart and soul of the Andersen & Sons Shelling family – and now the namesake for Glenda’s Farmhouse.

Her story is that of so many agricultural family matriarchs. Family and friends describe her as strong, independent, funny, warm, caring, and ALWAYS hospitable. With Glenda, food was always the epicenter for entertainment and hosting people at the house.

mom and dad anniversy

“Mom was always known for her kindness, baking, and cooking.”

“People always wanted to just come over and eat whatever Mom would make. Our friends from childhood STILL talk to us about the food she’d always seem to have at the ready.” Mike Andersen

“My favorite meal? Mom’s chicken cordon bleu, which she’d make by hand.”

“She always seemed to have platters and platters of cookies, sweets, and amazing meals. It always seemed like thousands of pounds of food – and it was always great.” – Pat Andersen

Mom's Chicken
family photo at a lodge

Glenda was known for hosting laughter-filled Christmas and Thanksgiving gatherings.

People felt right at home, enjoying great food and generous portions.

She also ran a tight ship at home. The boys knew the rules, but they fondly recall one incident, in particular, when they were little kids and somehow got into the powdered sugar in the pantry. After a powdered sugar “explosion” engulfed a room with a snow-like fluffy sugar coating, Glenda was uncharacteristically mad. But the brothers could tell she was struggling to stay in disciplinary mode. “Mom tried really hard to be mad at us. But seeing the two of us coated in powdered sugar was just too much. She kept smiling and laughing, because Mom’s sense of humor was too great,” adds Mike. “She didn’t stay mad at the two of us very long!”

After Glenda passed away, the family found the best way to honor Mom’s memory by starting the next business in her name.

The brand “Glenda’s Farmhouse” just seemed to fit perfectly.

And the opportunity to bring healthy, nutritious, and easy-to-prepare foods to the masses made obvious sense to everyone involved.

Great food was always a hallmark of Glenda’s persona and her presence in people’s lives. Now, through Glenda’s Farmhouse, our company can bring a little bit of Glenda’s goodness to the everyone’s table. She’s missed by the family and crew at Andersen & Son’s Shelling every day, but her legacy is captured in Glenda’s Farmhouse.