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Wholesale Nuts

Looking to purchase bulk nuts or wholesale nuts? Glenda’s Farmhouse is pleased to offer a spectrum of wholesale offerings for both commercial and personal use.

Buying nuts in bulk saves time since you won’t have to place orders as often and is an efficient way to keep a nutritious treat and topping for well-loved recipes available in your pantry at all times. Hosting a party? Own a restaurant? Buying through our wholesale option is an excellent way to keep costs down without skimping on the quality of the product.

By choosing Glenda’s Farmhouse for your wholesale needs, you are supporting our mission to provide delicious and nutritious food using regenerative farming practices. Our wholesale options include all tree nuts in both organic and conventional forms. Nuts can be sliced, diced, slivered, floured, dry or oil roasted with or without salt.

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Regenerative farming means collaboration with sustainable farming partners.

We work hard to provide natural and organic foods while doing our best to protect the land we farm and its pollinators. Glenda’s Farmhouse is a subsidiary of Andersen & Sons Shelling.


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