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Glenda’s Farmhouse is built on the promise to provide good food by good people. Our product selection includes organic, keto friendly, and vegan options designed with nutrition and sustainable innovation in mind. Our regenerative farming system aims to preserve a natural relationship between plants and soil organisms. We’re dedicated to Pollinator Partnerships by supporting the healthy habitats of pollinators critical to food and ecosystems through conservation, education, and research.

organic, keto friendly, and vegan

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Glenda was born in California in 1944 and raised when time ticked a little slower. She and her husband spent their time on the family farm raising their children. Her kitchen was where everyone wanted to be. It was always filled with kids, family, and friends.

We’ve stayed true to Glenda’s appreciation of healthy, natural and organic nuts and ingredients to this day.

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Cashew Flour

Cashew Flour

Interested in eliminating traditional flour from your pantry? Cashew flour is free of gluten, easy to make, and full of nutrition. For your baking supplies,

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