Recipes for Raw Cashews - Glendas Farmhouse

Recipes for Raw Cashews

Recipes for Raw Cashews
Recipes for Raw Cashews

Recipes for Raw Cashews

Prep Time 30 min Total Time 30 mins Servings: 10


Cashew Energy Bars

If you’re looking for recipes for raw cashews or a source for quality nuts and seeds, look no further. Glenda’s Farmhouse cashews provide a great opportunity for foodies to experience flavor conveniently and affordably.

With your stash of cashews, we invite you to try these tasty recipes.



    • Use a food processor to process all of the ingredients into a dough that has significant pieces of nuts.
    • Spread out the dough on a baking sheet into a single layer of ½” thickness.
    • Freeze for 15 minutes.
    • Cut into equal sized rectangles, 12 of them.

    Homemade Cashew Almond Crackers

    Prep Time: 20 min; Cook Time: 10 min; Total Time: 30 min

    Makes about 60 crackers


    • 1 cup Glenda’s Farmhouse cashews
    • 1 cup Glenda’s Farmhouse almonds
    • 1 egg
    • 2 TBSP water
    • 1 tsp Glenda’s Farmhouse sea salt
    • Chia seeds for top


    • Preheat the oven to 375°F.
    • Process the almonds and cashews in a food processor to a coarse floury texture.
    • Put the flour mixture in a bowl. Add the egg, water, and salt, and stir together until a dough forms.
    • Separate the whole into two pieces.
    • Cut two pieces of parchment paper about the size of a baking sheet.
    • Place one half of the dough between the two pieces of parchment paper.
    • Roll this dough extremely thin to cover the whole of the paper.
    • Put the dough and the bottom layer of parchment paper on a baking sheet.
    • Cut the dough into cracker squares.
    • Mist with water and sprinkle chia seeds over the top.
    • Follow the procedure with the other half of the dough.
    • Bake each set of crackers for 10 minutes or so.
    • Take them out of the oven. Cool. Separate into crackers.
    • Store your crackers in an airtight container.

    As you can see, you can make a wide range of foods with cashews. Keep a supply of Glenda’s Farmhouse cashews on hand to experiment with all of the fantastic recipes that you find - and maybe invent a few of your own!