Where to Buy Walnuts - Glendas Farmhouse

Wondering where to buy walnuts? Look for walnuts in the produce section or snacking and baking aisles of your local supermarket, where they are sold as halves, pieces, and chopped and typically available in bags and bulk bins. You’ll also find premium organic walnuts at Glenda’s Farmhouse.

Where to Buy Walnuts

Glenda’s Farmhouse is a brand of Andersen & Sons Shelling. For more than a decade, the Andersen family has been farming walnuts, prunes, and cattle in Vina, California (since 1904). We have merged with Western Nut Company and are expanding into new brands and other tree nut products.

Delicious in salads and better in desserts. Flavorful and rich, walnuts are the perfect choice for many dishes, including nut rolls, cereals, granola, and desserts. Our organic walnuts are also an excellent source of omega-3 essential fatty acids. This means that you can count on enjoying healthy, high-quality walnuts in every bite you take.

Health Benefits of Walnuts

  • Nutrient-Dense – Walnuts are a rich source of essential nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin B6, thiamin, and riboflavin
  • A Healthy Heart – Walnuts are high in amino acid L-Arginine as well as healthy monounsaturated fatty acids that help fight heart disease and boost HDL (good) cholesterol while fighting LDL (bad) cholesterol
  • Lower Blood Pressure – Studies suggest that eating walnuts regularly can help lower blood pressure
  • Rare Antioxidants – Walnuts contain rare antioxidants, such as quinone juglone and flavonol morin, that help fight cell-damaging free radicals
  • Brain Food – Walnuts boast vitamin E, melatonin, and folate that can increase brain health
  • Fight Diabetes – Eating a diet that includes walnuts every day has been shown to reduce insulin levels in people with diabetes and help with weight management

Keeping Your Walnuts Fresh

Walnuts naturally contain fats and oil, making it essential to store them properly. Exposure to warm temperatures for too long will alter the fat and oil and turn the nuts rancid. If your walnuts are rubbery, shriveled, or have a strange odor, they have turned old or rancid and should be thrown away.

Here are some tips on the best way to store walnuts to maintain their freshness and delicious, crunchy taste.

  • Keep Air Out: Like many fresh food products, minimal exposure to air will help walnuts retain their quality. Store them in air-tight containers or sealed packaging in a cool, dry place.
  • Control Temperature: For 3 to 6 months of storage, walnuts should be refrigerated at 35 F to 40 F. If you don’t plan on using your nuts right away, you can also freeze them for up to one year.
  • Avoid Storing with other Foods: Walnuts can absorb odors from foods with strong odors, like onions, so store them at a distance in air-tight containers or place the original package in a resealable heavy-duty freezer bag.
  • Prepare as Needed: Walnuts maintain the freshest taste when the kernels are whole. For the best flavor, prepare them on the day you plan to use them or one day before.

For more information on where to buy walnuts and how to add them to your diet, get in touch with Glenda’s Farmhouse at 530.839.2236 or reach out to us using our online contact form.