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Are you looking for natural methods for achieving lustrous, healthy locks? Walnuts offer benefits for your hair that might surprise you! Read on to discover how Glenda’s Farmhouse walnuts can become a vital part of your hair health regimen.

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Walnuts - Benefits For Your Hair The namesake of Glenda’s Farmhouse happens to be the matriarch of the family which owns the parent company, Andersen & Sons Shelling. Just as she provided nutrition and nurture for the family and community, Glenda’s Farmhouse strives to provide wholesome foods grown with sustainable farming practices for the betterment of the individual, the family, the community, and the planet.

Hair Health through Walnuts

Banish Dandruff

Walnut oil is incredibly beneficial to scalp health. Application directly to the scalp can reduce inflammation, moisturize the scalp, and reduce the occurrence of dandruff caused by scalp neglect. The soothing properties of walnuts will also help reduce the urge to scratch and worsen the conditions connected to an irritated scalp.

By enjoying walnuts in your diet, you’ll consume Omega 3 fatty acids, an essential element for producing natural oils that will keep your scalp calm and dandruff free.

Promote Hair Health on the Scalp

The scalp isn’t just the source of dandruff. It’s also the source of hair growth and oil production. Applying walnut oil and/or utilizing a walnut exfoliating product on the scalp can encourage follicles to grow hair and promote a shiny, healthy appearance.

Prevent Balding

Hair loss and diminished hair growth are common problems and issues that can be solved through walnuts. Using walnut oil on the scalp or adding a few drops to shampoos can help both strengthen the hair and encourage inactive follicles to begin producing hair growth again.

When consumed, walnuts also provide selenium, biotin, and Vitamin B7, promoting hair growth and strength.

Bolster Hair Strength

When hair is weak and dry, it will break and develop split ends far easier. The fatty acids within walnuts add strength to the hair making it less likely to suffer damage. The nutrition delivered to the hair also adds incredible vitality to the health of your tresses.

Eating walnuts and keeping your hair strong will make it possible to grow your hair longer. It will break less and need a trim less frequently, and the nutrients will also generate more significant growth.

Add Luster to Your Locks

Nutrition is key to healthy, lustrous hair. Walnuts offer a wealth of Omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamin B7, and Vitamin E, and when you regularly include them in your diet, your hair will benefit. You’ll also find walnut oil beneficial if you have dead ends. Applying a tiny bit to the ends of your hair will smooth the appearance of damaged hair.

Keep a supply of walnuts from Glenda’s Farmhouse to reap the benefits for your hair. Walnuts also benefit the brain, the heart, blood sugar levels, blood pressure, skin, nails, and practically every other aspect of the body. We provide convenient ordering, quality products, and affordable pricing for wholesome foods, including walnuts and almonds produced as regenerative agriculture products. All of our facilities are also entirely peanut free. Learn more or place an order online or by calling 530-839-2236 or by emailing us at hello@glendasfarmhouse.com.