Walnuts: Benefits for Women - Glendas Farmhouse

Walnuts provide a wealth of nutritional benefits, some specifically for women. Unlike some healthy foods, walnuts taste great! Glenda’s Farmhouse is a convenient source of quality, wholesome walnuts as a snack or staple ingredient in your family’s diet.

About Glenda’s Farmhouse

An Andersen & Sons Shelling Brand, Glenda’s Farmhouse grows and distributes a variety of tree nut products and a line of sea salts. We pride ourselves on bringing nourishing, tasty foods to the tables of American families.

Glenda’s Farmhouse walnuts hail from Northern California in the Sacramento Valley, the world’s best region for growing walnuts. We welcome the opportunity to become your supplier of walnuts, a food worthy of a top position within your diet.

Glenda’s Farmhouse walnuts are:

  • Certified organic by California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF)
  • Non-GMO verified
  • Gluten-free
  • Kosher
  • Certified vegan

Benefits of Walnuts for Women

Walnuts are a small but mighty power food that can substantially impact a woman’s health. While the food is an exceptional choice for anyone, a few benefits are particularly applicable to females.

  • Breast Cancer
  • Aging
  • Maternal Health
  • Mental Health

Breast Cancer – In a small trial study, two servings of walnuts per day, two ounces, minimized the growth and development of breast cancer in existing breast cancer patients. For a confident certainty, more research is needed, but this trial is definitely promising!

Aging Healthily – Another promising area of walnuts for women is healthier aging. Regular consumption of two servings of walnuts per week during late middle age correlates to a lack of lifestyle-related illnesses or cognitive decline after age 65.

Maternal Health – Expectant mothers who regularly consume walnuts as part of a Mediterranean diet gain less weight and have a lower propensity for gestational diabetes, even when they have definite risk factors for developing health issues during pregnancy.

Mental Health – Studies have demonstrated that a single ounce of walnuts per day can alleviate hopelessness in women and enhance interest, energy, concentration, and optimism. Considering the gender disparity in depression, this factor is critical for women as they deal with the struggles of daily life and their effect on mental wellness.

Correlations Don’t Equal Causation

These exciting findings regarding women’s health benefits from walnuts come with a caveat. A relationship doesn’t always indicate cause and effect. These tests focused solely on women, but the relationship could be due to other factors. One fact remains true; however, walnuts were the common factor among all studies and benefits, and the food provides a wealth of nutrition in a tiny package.

Ultimately, walnuts are a stellar choice for snacking and cooking – nutritious, affordable, and convenient.

Consider these excellent walnut recipes from the California Walnut Board for nutritious and delicious snacking:

  • Strawberry Walnut Hand Pies
  • Walnut Chorizo and Goat Cheese Mini Pizza Bites
  • Quinoa Pizza Bites
  • Roasted Red Pepper and Walnut Hummus
  • Walnut Cranberry Granola Bars
  • Walnut & Oak Crusted Veggie Egg Cups
  • Maple Walnut Energy Balls
  • Orange Turmeric & Vanilla Yogurt Smoothie

Stock up on walnuts from Glenda’s Farmhouse to enjoy all of the health benefits for women. Learn more by contacting us online or by phone at (530) 839-2236.