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Walnuts, while a healthy options for the promotion of brain, cardiovascular, and other health systems for all, also provide benefits specific to the concerns of men. Glenda’s Farmhouse offers affordable, quality walnuts for you to enjoy as part of a healthy nutritional plan.

Walnuts - Benefits for Men A subsidiary of Andersen & Sons Shelling, Glenda’s Farmhouse in Vina, California, produces our walnut line using sustainable farming practices and a wholly peanut-free facility. Our efforts focus on providing healthy and wholesome nutrition for families worldwide in a manner that respects the land.

We grow a variety of walnut types, including Chandler, Howard, Hartley, Franquette, Tulare, and Solano. Producing 50-70 million pounds of walnuts per year, we are the 6th largest walnut producer in California.

Why Men Should Prioritize Walnut Consumption

The health benefits of walnuts are widely proclaimed, yet it’s always helpful to discover additional, specific advantages. Men can reap many of these positive results from walnut consumption.

Improve Male Fertility

If you’re considering having a child in the future, consider the negative effect of an unhealthy diet on sperm production and the potential for walnut consumption to reverse these ill effects.

In a study of over 100 otherwise healthy men, adding walnuts to an otherwise unchanged diet produced better sperm production than men with a similar diet without nuts.

Other research indicates that walnuts lessen oxidative damage to sperm membranes, protecting them from harm.

Healthier sperm will make pregnancy easier to achieve and sustain –

something to consider in the months and years before actively trying to start a family.

Improve Sexual Function

Studies on male health and the effects of walnut consumption have also demonstrated a positive impact on sexual function for men. Incorporating walnuts into the diet produces greater sexual satisfaction and desire and improved erectile function.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) prevents men from getting or retaining an erection to complete intercourse. This condition is quite common, with around 30 million men suffering from the problem. The physical causes of this problem limit blood flow and include a sedentary lifestyle, stress, smoking, alcohol consumption, being overweight, and poor nutrition.

Studies suggest that walnut consumption will improve the dilation and contraction of blood vessels, lessening the potential for erectile dysfunction.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, men benefit from walnut consumption, specifically regarding sexual health. Eating the superfood frequently will supercharge the libido, enhance the sexual experience, prevent sexual dysfunction, and increase the reproductive effects of the released sperm.

We would be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge the numerous additional health benefits accompanying increased walnut consumption. Incorporating walnuts into your regular diet improves all of the following:

  • Cardiovascular function
  • Manages blood sugars
  • Increases healthy cholesterol and decreases unhealthy cholesterol
  • Weight management
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Cognitive health
  • Bone health
  • Collagen production
  • Wound healing
  • Antioxidant
  • Cancer prevention

As a snack on its own or as an ingredient easily incorporated into all sorts of recipes, walnuts are delicious and provide distinct benefits for overall health and specific issues related to men. Shop with Glenda’s Farmhouse to source the walnuts you’ll need for introducing the tasty treat into your daily diet, and visit our website for a ton of delicious recipes using walnuts or walnut crumbles.