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Walnut Pie Recipe

Walnut Pie Recipe
Walnut Pie Recipe

Walnut Pie Recipe

Prep Time 40 min Cook Time 40 min Total Time 1 hr 20 mins Servings: 8


If you love walnuts and love pie, combine those preferences with this delicious walnut pie recipe using Glenda’s Farmhouse walnuts.

Comparable to pecan pie, this recipe adjusts the ingredients to balance out the flavors in consideration of the flavor differences between pecans and walnuts.



    • Preheat the oven to 375°F.
    • Combine the beaten eggs, maple syrup, rum, vanilla extract, and melted butter. Mix thoroughly.
    • Add the flour, salt, cinnamon, and nutmeg sprinkled over the surface. Whisk to a smooth texture.
    • Spread the chopped walnuts across the bottom of the pie shell, and pour the mixture over them.
    • Bake the pie on the middle rack for about 45 minutes, tenting the pie about halfway through.


  • Expect the surface of the pie to inflate in the heat and deflate when it cools.
  • Freezing the pie crust helps retain its shape during cooking.
  • Baking stone - if you choose a baking stone to make the crust’s bottom firmer, place it inside of the oven during the preheating stage and then place the pie on the stone to bake.
  • Tenting - Use a piece of foil to make a tent and cover the pie halfway through baking until done to keep from over-browning the crust.
  • Potential substitutions include using black walnuts, English walnuts, or both; pecans rather than walnuts; whiskey or bourbon rather than rum.
  • Pre-toasting the walnuts for 5-10 minutes can make the pie even more flavorful. Toast just until they’re flavorful, being careful not to scorch them.
  • Like pecan pie, this pie can be made in advance and stored at room temperature for a day.
  • You can also freeze this pie for up to a month if wrapped in plastic wrap followed by foil. Defrost in the fridge.

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