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Pesto Sauce with Walnuts

Pesto Sauce with Walnuts
Pesto Sauce with Walnuts

Pesto Sauce with Walnuts

Prep Time 5 min Total Time 5 mins


Making pesto sauce with walnuts is a great way to incorporate protein and healthy fats into your diet. Making the sauce is simple, and the pesto itself is quite versatile. If you’re under the impression that you are limited to pesto with pasta, we at Glenda’s Farmhouse are here to supply your walnuts and a couple of fresh ideas!

First, let’s make the pesto sauce with walnuts! You can make this sauce and divide it into batches to keep in an airtight container in your refrigerator for about a week at a time, or you can freeze small batches, thawing when ready to use. Pro tip: use the size bags appropriate for your family’s meal needs and flatten before freezing to conserve space and facilitate organization of your freezer.



    • Pulse the basil, parsley, garlic, walnuts, and cheese in a food processor until crumbled.
    • Slowly pour olive oil through the top of the food processor while pulsing until mixture reaches a smooth consistency.

    Wondering what to do with this wonderful pesto sauce?

    The most obvious use for pesto sauce is to toss with your favorite penne, fettuccine, or other pasta, but it can also be mixed into batter, top a pizza, add flavor to protein, and on and on. Here are some ideas:

    Walnut Pesto and Tomato Bruschetta (Appetizer)

    Total Time: 15 min

    Serves: 16


    WALNUT PESTO (if you lack pre-prepared pesto sauce)

    • ¾ cup walnuts
    • 1 large clove garlic
    • ¼ cup olive oil
    • ¼ cup Romano cheese


    • ¼ cup olive oil
    • ¼ cup basil
    • ¼ cup parsley
    • 1 TBSP lemon juice
    • ¼ tsp sugar
    • ¼ tsp salt
    • ¼ tsp pepper
    • 2 cloves garlic (mince)
    • 1 can (14.5 oz.) diced tomatoes (drain)
    • Baguette slices


    1. If using pre-prepared pesto sauce, simply stir in Romano cheese. If not, pulse walnuts and garlic in a food processor to a fine consistency. Place in a bowl and add the olive oil and cheese for the pesto sauce.
    2. In a bowl, add all of the tomato topping ingredients and stir together. You can make this ahead, cover, and store in the fridge.
    3. Assemble your appetizers by spreading the pesto on the baguette slices and then layering the tomato topping.

    Walnut Pesto Turkey Burgers (Entrée)

    Total Time: 25 min, Prep Time: 10 min, Cook Time: 15 min


    WALNUT PESTO SAUCE (if not using pre-made)

    • 2 cups basil
    • ¼ cup parsley
    • 2 cloves garlic
    • 2 cups Glenda’s Farmhouse walnuts
    • ½ cup Parmesan cheese
    • 1 lb. ground turkey
    • 1 egg
    • Burger trimmings - lettuce, tomato, onions, buns, etc.


    1. If not using pre-made walnut pesto sauce, pulse the basil, parsley, garlic, walnuts, and cheese in a food processor until mixed to a coarse texture.
    2. Incorporate the pesto mixture into the ground turkey and egg. (best done by hand)
    3. Patty up turkey burgers.
    4. Cook over medium heat in an olive oil prepared skillet.
    5. Cook for 6 minutes/side or to doneness (no pink center).
    6. Prepare turkey burgers according to preference.

    Breakfast, lunch, appetizer, and dinner are made complete with pesto sauce made with walnuts sourced from Glenda’s Farmhouse.