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Almond Milk Recipe

A jar of almond milk with almonds on the table near it.
A jar of almond milk with almonds on the table near it.

Almond Milk Recipe

Servings: 4


Milk may be one of the most difficult sacrifices to make as we work toward adjusting our diets for health, moral, or environmental reasons, but with this almond milk recipe, and a supply from Glenda’s Farmhouse, you might just find that the alternative tastes better than the real thing.

In addition to delicious taste, almond milk is chock full of calcium, protein, and Vitamin E. As you make it, you can customize the recipe to incorporate your preferred flavors, levels of sweetness, and even cooked vs. uncooked. Experiment with a few variations to find the recipe that best suits your tastes.

If you prefer to blanch the almonds in order to remove the skin, the process will take a couple of days. This step is only needed when making cooked almond milk, not raw.



  1. Instructions for Blanching
    1. Fill a pot with enough water to barely cover the almonds.
    2. Heat to a boil.
    3. Add the almonds; boil for 1 minute.
    4. Take the almonds from the water and deposit into a cold water bath for a bit.
    5. Remove the skin from the almonds.
    6. Place the naked almonds in a bowl, cover with water, and let rest for at least eight hours.
  2. Instructions for Almond Milk Creation
    1. Combine the almonds and two cups of the water in a blender.
    2. Blend well.
    3. With a nut milk bag, cheesecloth, or other filter, strain the mix as you pour it over into a pot.
    4. Pour the bits caught by the filter mechanism into the blender and add the other 2 cups of water.
    5. Blend for a couple of minutes.
    6. Strain again.
    7. At this point, you can heat the milk and add whatever flavoring you choose.
    8. Strain the milk again.
    9. Store in an airtight container for up to five days.


Additional Options for Making Almond Milk

The process of creating the perfect almond milk for your preferences should be fun. Consider adding vanilla, sweetener, natural syrup, or other extracts or spices. Your imagination is the limit.

You can also choose to leave the skins for increased fiber or forgo cooking for raw almond milk.

The almond milk recipe provided here is the perfect solution to eliminating carb-heavy cow milk. This option allows you to have full control of your diet and a tasty cup of coffee. Glenda’s Farmhouse supplies quality almonds for making milk, butter, flour, or a tasty snack.