Peanut Free Facility - Glendas Farmhouse

Knowing whether a peanut-free facility is critical when ordering tree nut products, especially if you have a family member or friend with an allergy. Glenda’s Farmhouse operates with a completely peanut-free facility – growing, processing, packaging, and distributing walnuts and almonds.

Glenda’s Farmhouse provides a convenient, affordable avenue for families to order almonds, walnuts, cashews, pecans, and sea salts. We endeavor to provide wholesome, nutritious foods for all tables throughout the US and abroad.

Glenda’s Farmhouse is a brand of Andersen & Sons Shelling, established in 1904. We are the sixth-largest walnut producer in California, processing 50-70 million pounds per year of a food that deserves to be in every kitchen. Headquartered in Vina, California, Glenda’s Farmhouse has recently partnered with Western Nut Company to expand into more delicious and healthy tree nut products.

Why Walnuts

Walnuts offer tons of nutritional benefits! Protein, fiber, and essential fatty acids come together in an ingredient that can be used in endless ways in the kitchen.

Grind them into a meat alternative, top salads or ice cream, throw them into a batter of bread or dessert, or use them in other ways. When storing, make sure that you do so in airtight containers, in a cold setting – the fridge for short-term storage or the freezer for extended periods.

A one-ounce serving of walnuts provides the following nutrition:

  • 185 calories
  • 3 g protein
  • 9 g carbohydrates
  • 7 g sugar
  • 9 g fiber
  • 5 g fat

Or Almonds

Almonds are another healthy tree nut grown and distributed by Glenda’s Farmhouse. In a one-ounce serving, almonds provide the following nutritional values:

  • 162 calories
  • 6 g protein
  • 4 g fiber
  • 75 mg calcium
  • 1 mg iron
  • 3 mg Vitamin E
  • 3 mg riboflavin
  • 210 mg potassium
  • 1 mg niacin
  • 9 g healthy monounsaturated fats

You can make healthier, plant-based milk, flour, and more with almonds!

Glenda’s Farmhouse Facilities

In addition to being free from peanut exposure, the facilities of Glenda’s Farmhouse lessen the carbon footprint by design. We do this by using electric forklifts, striving for no waste, recycling huller water, composting hulls, sending nutshells to the cogeneration plant, turning off-grade nuts into bird seed or oil, and sifting and treating walnut dust to create walnut flour.

Menu of Glenda’s Farmhouse Products

Whether snacking or cooking, turn to Glenda’s Farmhouse for delightful tree nuts and sea salt products. We offer cashews, almonds, and pecans in addition to walnuts.

We offer walnut crumbles in Asian, Mexican, and savory flavors for fast, weeknight, meatless dinners. These crumbles are a perfect substitute for ground meat in terms of texture and flavor!

New product offerings in our catalog include all of the following:

  • Coconut Cashew
  • Cocoa Almond
  • Spicy Dill Almond
  • Brownie Walnut
  • Wasabi Soy Almond
  • Smokehaus Almond
  • Almond Flour
  • Almond Protein

When you buy from Glenda’s Farmhouse, your meals will be healthy and tasty!

A peanut-free facility is vital to providing safe tree nut products for all families. Feel comfortable purchasing from Glenda’s Farmhouse without concern about the danger of peanuts. We offer flavorful, nutrition-filled ingredients for a healthy lifestyle that can be accessed by all – affordably and conveniently.