Meat Replacements - Glendas Farmhouse

Are you exploring the world of vegan cuisine? You’ve likely seen the various processed meat replacements on the market, but you shouldn’t consider those your only options. Elevate the vegetable to meat status in order to better your health, please your taste buds, and stay within your budget. Glenda’s Farmhouse is one source that you will find to be incredibly helpful to keep the ingredients you need on hand, easily and affordably.

Meat Replacements Let’s review some of the best vegetable and nut choices for your use as meat alternatives.

Pecans and Walnuts

Glenda’s Farmhouse is an ideal source for your stash of walnuts and pecans that you can easily transform into “meat” alternatives. Ground into a meat like texture, both of these nut products have a rich depth of protein and the ability to absorb flavors well. With a food processor and a stash of spices, you’ll be able to whip up a variety of dishes.

We also suggest that you try our very own Glenda’s Farmhouse Walnut Crumbles in Savory, Asian-Inspired, and Mexican-Inspired flavors.

Beans and Legumes

Cooked beans, lentils, and chickpeas easily swap out for ground meat in multiple recipes, and canned or dried beans are much more affordable than purchasing meat. The protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals within beans and legumes make them an ideal replacement for meat in everything from burgers to chili.


Delicious, fresh cauliflower has a high level of minerals, fiber, and vitamins and is often on every healthy menu. Surprisingly, it’s also used to create substitutes for typical “meat” dishes like steak, wings, and nuggets.


Before fully ripened, jackfruit is savory with flesh that can be shredded and cooked as a replacement for pulled pork. This delicious meat replacement has become so popular that you can find conveniently packaged options in either the produce or Asian section of your supermarket.


Mushrooms are yet another vegetable used in replacement of meat due to the savory flavor and meat-like texture. The bell of a Portabello is even strong enough to grill for your next barbecue celebration.


Composed of soy, tempeh is cooked and fermented before being molded into a block shape for distribution. Packaged tempeh is usually combined with some type of whole grain or beans for additional fiber and flavor. Tempeh has a texture similar to beef and a high amount of protein.


Eggplant is a delicious food filled with antioxidants, and it’s low in both carbs and calories. From pizza to lasagna and more, eggplant is a great replacement for meat, and pasta, in various dishes.

Most of these meat alternatives are easily available in your local market, and for your pecan and walnut supplies, you can order them easily from Glenda’s Farmhouse. We’re committed to quality production, sustainable practices, and satisfying customer service.

As you work toward embracing a healthier and more environmentally friendly lifestyle, consider trying a few of these vegetable meat replacements. You’ll look better, feel better, and do your part to reduce your own carbon footprint.

Instead of heading to the freezer aisle for your meat replacements, choose to visit the produce aisle as well as the website of Glenda’s Farmhouse. We offer affordable, high-quality walnuts and pecans as well as a variety of other nut and sea salt products for your convenient and healthy meal planning.