Health Benefits of Cashews - Glendas Farmhouse

If you heard that cashews are fattening and shouldn’t be part of a healthy diet, think again. The health benefits of cashews run the gamut from your hair to your bones and more. Read on to discover why you should buy cashews from Glenda’s Farmhouse today.

Introducing Glenda’s Farmhouse

Andersen & Sons Shelling is a farming operation that’s provided Americans with walnuts and prunessince 1904. Glenda’s Farmhouse is an offshoot of this company, and we have merged with Western Nut Company. We manufacture quality cashews, walnuts, almonds, pecans, and sea salts for families who’d like wholesome, flavorful, healthy, and affordable foods grown right here in the United States.

The Choice of Cashews

Cashews are actually seeds, but they’re referred to as nuts for culinary purposes. The shell of cashews is made of the same stuff as poison ivy, and a toxic resin is found in the shell. We always suggest purchasing shelled cashews from a quality distributor like Glenda’s Farmhouse.

We at Glenda’s Farmhouse offer cashews in natural form and unsalted and unroasted. With a supply of cashews in your kitchen, you’ll be ready to add flavor and nutrition to every daily menu, whether you enjoy them whole, in a dish, as a garnish, milked, ground, or in a paste.

When you order cashews, make sure that you have airtight containers available. For long-term storage in the freezer, choose plastic sealable bags, possibly double-bagged, and choose a tight-sealing jar with a lid for the refrigerator.

The oleic acid and oil in cashews fight against one another. The acid gives cashews a longer shelf life than other nuts, but the oil will spoil. To identify if cashews have turned, look at them and smell them. If they look shriveled or smell rancid, throw them away, and order more from Glenda’s Farmhouse.

Like other nuts, cashews will absorb smells, so position them away from odorous foods in the refrigerator. You’ll appreciate this quality if you add cashews to your dishes.

At room temperature, opened cashews will last a couple of weeks. In the fridge, stored cashews will last six months, and in the freezer, they’ll stay fresh for at least a year.

Get Healthy with Cashews

The health benefits of cashews are multiple and diverse. Lower blood pressure, blood sugar levels, weight, heart health, lower bad cholesterol, healthy hair and nails, strong bones, functional immunity, and various other body systems benefit from eating cashews.

The fat in cashews is mainly monounsaturated and polyunsaturated, so it’s actually good for heart health. The protein in cashews offers a protein source other than meat, and the carbs are few and fibrous.

Now that you know the primary health benefits of choosing cashews for your diet, order some today from Glenda’s Farmhouse at (530) 839-2236 or by contacting us online.