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Protein is an essential element of nutrition, the primary component of muscle, and the molecule used for long-term energy storage. Meeting the requirements for protein intake as healthily as possible can be difficult, but nuts are a great source of protein. Walnuts have a high percentage of protein for a healthy nutrition plan, and Glenda’s Farmhouse is a quality grower.

Do Walnuts Have Protein? Glenda’s Farmhouse offers whole walnuts for sale as well as prepared, flavored walnut crumble for dishes that incorporate plant-based protein easily and quickly.

Glenda’s Farmhouse as a Source of Wholesome Walnuts

Andersen & Sons Shelling began producing food for the American table in 1904. Branching from this legacy is Glenda’s Farmhouse, named in honor of the family matriarch. We grow high-quality walnuts and have started distributing other nut products since our merger with Western Nut Company.

Understanding Dietary Protein

Protein comes from dietary sources, either animal- or plant-based. Animal foods are generally “complete,” meaning they contain all nine amino acids needed for life. On the other hand, plant-based foods are usually “incomplete” because they don’t contain all nine essential amino acids in sufficient amounts. The exception to this rule is soy, the only plant-based complete protein.

Walnuts as a Protein Source

Walnuts are an incomplete protein source because they have all nine essential amino acids but lack sufficient levels of all of them. A single ounce contains four grams of protein.

Protein-rich and low-carb, walnuts are a convenient way to incorporate healthier eating into your daily life. They’re a standard part of many popular eating plans, including the Mediterranean plan, the Keto diet, and a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.

Adding Walnuts to the Diet

Walnuts are an easy addition to a healthy diet:

  • Substitute for bread crumbs
  • Mix walnuts and dried fruit for a healthy snack
  • Add walnuts for flavor or thickening purposes
  • Incorporate walnuts into your smoothie
  • Sprinkle them on yogurt, ice cream, or yogurt
  • Include walnuts in baked goods
  • Substitute for crunchy carbs
  • Throw in a salad

Ground walnuts are a terrific substitute for ground meat. Walnuts absorb flavors well, so you can season them with the flavor profile of the meal you’re making after processing them in the food processor. We at Glenda’s Farmhouse also offer pre-made and flavored ground walnuts for savory, Asian, and Mexican dishes.

Take Precautions Regarding Walnut Allergies

Peanut allergies are well known; allergies to walnuts aren’t as common. However, they do occur, and you’d do well to ask anyone to whom you serve food whether they have an allergy to walnuts or any other tree nut.

Store Walnuts Appropriately

To keep your walnut stash fresh longer, store them appropriately. They should be kept in an airtight container in a cool environment. Refrigerated walnuts will remain fresh for three months and frozen ones for up to a year. When you store walnuts, remain aware of their tendency to absorb odors and flavors and keep them far removed from ingredients with strong aromas.

When increasing the protein in your diet is a priority, walnuts have the qualities needed to qualify as a healthy staple. Glenda’s Farmhouse will conveniently and affordably supply your walnut needs through online order placement or by phone at (530) 839-2236. Learn more about our products by clicking here to send us a message.