Do Walnuts Have Antioxidants? - Glendas Farmhouse

Reduce your risk of cancer and other age-related sicknesses by implementing a diet rich in antioxidants, choosing ingredients like walnuts that do have a wealth of this vital element. Studies rank walnuts as the most antioxidant-rich nut, so finding easy ways to add them to your diet regularly is a smart and nutritious move. Glenda’s Farmhouse is a quality source for all of your walnut needs, and you can order them conveniently online.

Why Glenda’s Farmhouse

Do Walnuts Have Antioxidants? As a daughter company of Andersen & Sons Shelling, Glenda’s Farmhouse extends the legacy of providing wholesome, nutritious food to tables across the country. We produce 50-70 million pounds of walnuts each and every year, making us the sixth largest producer of walnuts in California.

Providing walnuts in their original form as well as flavored walnut crumbles for a quick and convenient meat alternative, Glenda’s Farmhouse deserves to be your source for a ready supply of walnuts within your kitchen.

Walnuts and Antioxidants

In the world of nuts, walnuts reign supreme when it comes to antioxidant content. In fact, a serving of walnuts has double the antioxidants as other nut varieties. The antioxidants of walnuts have also been shown to be highly powerful, able to provide protection from many disease-causing elements.

Benefits of Antioxidants

Antioxidants are important because they resist the damage stemming from free radicals. Chemicals in the environment, pollution, sickness, and other elements create these unstable molecules called free radicals, which in turn can lead to oxidative stress that causes a range of diseases including cardiovascular disease, cancer, stroke, age-related diseases, and more. Wouldn’t we be crazy not to enhance our health by consuming antioxidants that fight these harmful free radicals?

Antioxidants can come from a variety of sources, both inside and outside of the body. Plants that provide antioxidants are often an excellent source of these free radical fighters in the form of polyphenols and other components.

Free radicals within the body come as a waste product of the body’s natural processes and reactions to environmental factors. Another term for free radicals is reactive oxygen species (ROS), and the causes of these molecules include exposure to chemicals, pollutants, UV rays, and inflammation.

Neutralizing free radicals by consuming antioxidants is an excellent choice for improved health. You may not be able to avoid exposure to all harmful elements in the environment, but you can counteract that exposure by consuming more antioxidants.

How to Add Antioxidants to Your Diet Easily

Embrace walnuts as a standard ingredient in your diet for elevated antioxidant levels in your system. They’re easily integrated into a variety of dishes or quite tasty whe enjoyed on their own. Whether you toss a handful on top of your yogurt or oatmeal at breakfast, into your salad at lunch, or within a sauce or atop a protein at dinner, walnuts are a versatile way to conveniently add antioxidants to your daily menu. Glenda’s Farmhouse offers three walnut crumble flavors, savory, Asian-inspired, and Mexican-inspired, that serve as a delicious ground meat alternative that is rich in antioxidants.

If you’ve been asking yourself what foods have incredible amounts of antioxidants, walnuts do! Keep a supply on hand and at the ready for use as a snack or ingredient by ordering regularly from Glenda’s Farmhouse. To place your order today, reach out via phone at (530) 839-2236 or order online.