California Walnuts Benefits - Glendas Farmhouse

The conscientious family’s diet focuses on nutrition, but the modern family also requires convenience. The benefits of walnuts grown right here at Glenda’s Farmhouse in California begin with tastiness, extend to nutrition, and end with convenience.

Glenda’s Farmhouse, a brand of Andersen & Sons Shelling, offers a variety of walnuts, almonds, pecans, cashews, flavored sea salts, and flavored walnut crumbles for consumers’ enjoyment and health. We believe that quality living starts with quality food and nutrition.

Why Add Walnuts to Your Nutrition Plan

Enhancing Cardiovascular Health

Walnuts bring a host of healthy benefits to diets, but one of the most substantial is promoting heart health. This nut provides a wealth of Omega 3 ALA, a key contributor to reducing cholesterol, particularly LDL levels. With one serving of walnuts a day, you can enjoy enhanced blood vessel and heart health.

Build Up Brain Health

Eating walnuts has also been shown to improve cognition and prevent depression. Instead of eating your feelings, choose walnuts to promote positive feelings and avoid mental decompensation while aging.

Stifle a Raging Appetite

Hunger is the enemy of a healthy diet, especially if your lifestyle keeps you on the go. Convenience foods are all too easy to grab and enjoy. Walnuts resolve this dilemma in two ways: first, they’re convenient to eat on their own or as a simple ingredient in a healthy meal, and two, they will keep you full longer.

Bring Health to the All-Important Gut

The microbial ecosystem in your gut has a surprising effect on the body’s overall health. From the immune system to mental health, cancer, and even skin problems, some health issues stem from poor gut health. Research shows that walnut consumption is tied to a healthy gut.

Reduce the Risk of Developing Type II Diabetes

Managing blood sugar levels is yet another benefit of consuming walnuts. The health risks associated with uncontrolled diabetes extend from limb loss to blindness and even death. Still, studies show that regular walnut consumption can prevent half of the Type II diagnoses in the US.

Delicious and Convenient Walnuts

Walnuts are delicious as a snack, roasted or plain, but they’re also a great ingredient and supplement. As an ingredient, walnuts absorb flavor well, and the texture profile promotes walnuts as a meat replacement.

Using walnuts is a versatile proposition. Throw a handful in a stirfry; top a cup of yogurt; grind up for taco meat – the uses are innumerable and varied!

How to Keep Walnuts Fresh

As with all of your staple ingredients, walnut storage is critical in maintaining freshness. The pantry is not the best place to store this staple; instead, walnuts that will be used in the next few months can be kept in the refrigerator. For 6-12 month storage, choose the freezer.

Since walnuts absorb odors and flavors, keep your supply in an airtight container far removed from foods with strong odors like garlic or broccoli.

California walnuts are a great-tasting superfood with the dual benefits of convenience and nutrition. To keep your fridge stocked with walnuts for quick weeknight meals or dialing up the flavor and healthiness of a salad or stir fry, choose Glenda’s Farmhouse; order online or reach out to (530) 839-2236.