Best Meat Alternatives - Glendas Farmhouse

Embracing a plant-based diet is becoming more and more popular, with good reason. Improve your health and the environment by choosing a menu that avoids using foods from animals or their by-products. This choice is far from easy to implement, though. You’ll need the very best meat alternatives, and one of the top ways to retain protein intake, sustain flavor, and replace meat is to increase your nut consumption. Products from Glenda’s Farmhouse will make this step both affordable and convenient.

A daughter company of Andersen & Sons Shelling, Glenda’s Farmhouse offers a range of wholesome products that clever menu designers can use to create a tasty catalog of dishes with a meatless focus.

Keep a Stash of Walnuts On-Hand

Walnuts are an ideal source for creating meatless dishes that mock other meals that traditionally contain meat. Examples include:

  • Meatloaf
  • Meatballs
  • Tacos
  • Burgers

In addition to offering a texture similar to ground meat and a flavor profile that takes on seasonings and flavors well, walnuts provide plenty of protein and healthy fats. Furthermore, preparation will be fast and simple.

Give Pea Protein a Try

Another alternative to meat is pea protein. Textured pea protein offers a similar grain as ground meat, contains ample protein, and is free of gluten, soy, and GMOs. Use this complete protein in batter, soups, and sauces.

Substitute with Seitan

Seitan is a meat alternative made from wheat gluten. High in protein and useful for various dishes, this meat alternative works well for wraps, gyros, bowls, chili, stew, veggie dogs, tacos, burgers, and more!

Choose Chickpeas

A complete protein includes all nine amino acids that are essential for life. With chickpeas and brown rice, you have a meal with complete protein. Chickpeas on their own still offer 35 g of fiber and 39 g of protein in a single cup – a filling and healthy meal indeed.

Lose the Meat with Lentils

While relatively high in carbs with 20 g in ½ cup, lentils have a wealth of fiber, potassium, and all-important protein! Throw them in a salad, soup, or curry for a meat-free, protein-filled, and flavorful meal. However, lentils are as unprocessed as it gets, which is healthier all the way around.

Black Beans for Meatless Meals

Black beans lack the unhealthy processing of many meat alternatives, and they possess a high amount of plant-based proteins. Choose black beans when making a dip, a black bean burger, a taco topping, burritos, chili, salad, and more! A single cup of black beans has 15 g of protein and fiber for a filling meal.

Commercial Meat Alternatives

From Beyond Meat to the Impossible™ Foods brand, the meat alternative industry is thriving. These products mock the taste, texture, and appearance of meat, including beef, chicken, pork, etc., making your transition to a plant-based diet easier and more satisfying.

Choose plant-based meat alternatives for the best path toward a healthier you, a healthier planet, and a healthier conscience. Glenda’s Farmhouse offers a selection of walnut crumbles for a quick weeknight, meatless meal, and a wide selection of nut products for protein.