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Savory Walnut Crumbles a Vegan Meat Alternatives

Vegan Meat Alternatives

Vegan meat alternatives will keep your healthy diet interesting. Whether you’re living a dedicated vegan life, simply eating a bit healthier, or doing what you

Walnut Crumbles by Glenda's Farmhouse

Meat Alternatives

Tasty meat alternatives abound on today’s market. Finding options that you can create yourself, easily and quickly, however, may not be so simple. Grinding raw

Walnuts Nutrition Facts

Walnuts Nutrition Facts

Do you know your walnut nutrition facts? Adding walnuts to your diet is a small step that can reap big rewards for your health. Glenda’s

This beauty of a half opened walnut sits on a wooden table in our Walnut Calories blog post.

Walnut Calories

Health-conscious eaters may find the seemingly high number of calories in a walnut reason enough to eliminate the food from their menus. However, the benefits

Buy Walnuts Online

Best Walnuts Online

Whether you just discovered the versatility and nutritiousness of walnuts or you routinely work walnuts into your diet, Glenda’s Farmhouse provides a convenient online source

Benefits of Eating Walnuts

Benefits of Eating Walnuts

A family’s health begins with its daily menu. Nutrition fuels their schedules, sets the tone for the day, and influences bodily health or lack thereof.

Where Can I Buy Shelled Walnuts?

Where Can I Buy Shelled Walnuts?

Have you been Googling “Where can I buy shelled walnuts?” and getting less-than-satisfactory results?  You will usually see walnuts in grocery stores year-round. At Glenda’s

Walnut meat substitute

Walnut Meat

Plant-based meat alternatives, such as walnut meat from Glenda’s Farmhouse, can be healthier and more sustainable than the products from animals they aim to replace.

Organic Whole Walnuts

Organic Whole Walnuts

Buy high-quality, organic whole walnuts from Glenda’s Farmhouse to take advantage of the many nutrients in walnuts. Our delicious nuts are a smart snack for

Protein Substitutes For Meat

Cauliflower Walnut Taco Meat

Does your family love tacos? Have you ever tried making them with delicious cauliflower walnut taco meat? Let Glenda’s Farmhouse help you create a crumbly

Keto Almond Flour Recipes

Almond Keto-Friendly Protein

Almonds are a great low-carb, gluten-free source of protein, dietary fiber, calcium, potassium, and magnesium. If you are looking for ingredients that can enhance your

Package of walnuts sitting on table

Buy Walnuts

There are several easy ways you can improve your overall health. One of them is to buy high-quality walnuts from Glenda’s Farmhouse and take advantage

maple walnut banana bread slices

Maple Walnut Banana Bread

Lightened up the traditional Banana Walnut Bread recipe with healthier swaps like maple syrup and Greek yogurt. Start baking now.

Maple Walnut Banana Bread recipe

Banana Walnut Bread

You will fall in love with our Banana Walnut Bread recipes that are studded with crunchy California walnuts.

Vegan Walnut Pesto Recipe

Walnut Pesto Recipe

Make your own homemade walnut pesto and add to anything you wish to make your meals more delicious!

Woman Eating Walnuts

Walnut Honey Mustard Snack Mix

This savory-sweet Walnut Honey Mustard Snack Mix is fresh and seasoned perfectly. It’s great for a snack while hiking, meal-prepping, or watching a movie on the couch. 

Fresh cinnamon and walnut pastry pinwheels on a cutting board

Rugelach with Walnuts and Pecans

Rugelach is a delicious cookie that originated in the Jewish communities of Poland. It’s made with cream-cheese dough, spread with filling, such as jam and nuts, and then rolled up.

Healthy Candied Walnuts

Candied Walnuts Recipe

Walnuts add versatility in the kitchen as a snack or ingredient. They have a mild, buttery flavor that makes them perfect for baking into cookies, cakes, and in your favorite recipe for candied walnuts. These healthy nuts are an excellent source of omega-3 essential fatty acids, so why not enjoy them in every bite you take?

Protein Substitutes For Meat

Meat Substitutes

Over half of American consumers are eating more plant-based foods because it makes them feel healthier, but many plant-based “meats” are loaded with artificial ingredients. Heart-healthy walnuts can meet both the flavor and texture demands for meat substitutes and can be easily incorporated into countless foods.

Italian Cream Cake Pecan cake recipe

Pecan Cake Recipe

Adapted from a recipe by Olivia and the Liv for Cake blog, this showpiece takes everything that’s delicious about pecan pie and transforms it into a beautiful cake. Bake it for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any time at all!

Walnut brownie recipe

Walnut Brownie Recipe

Although people enjoy walnuts with both sweet and savory flavors, sweet combinations are popular. California walnuts from Glenda’s Farmhouse are perfect for baking. Try them today in your favorite Walnut Brownie recipe.

Guinness Beer Pecans surrounded by Guinness Stout bottles and Glenda's Farmhouse Pecans

Guinness Beer Pecans With Bacon

We’re celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in a nutty kind of way! We made some delicious Guinness Beer Pecans with Bacon! Try the pub-styled recipe at home and let us know what you think!

5 Chocolate cookies stacked up on a plate held by a young girl.

Chocolate Cookies With Walnuts

We’re baking with Glenda’s Granddaughter, Emma!
Emma loves to cook, but prefers to bake. She’s a delight in the kitchen and around the table. We enjoy every meal or dessert she decides to make and are proud of her passion to create.

A walnut pear avocado bowl surrounded by it's fresh ingredients.

Walnut Pear & Avocado Bowl

Enjoy this healthy bowl with quinoa and a creamy avocado dressing. This is a quick meal perfect to beat the summer heat.

Bowl of walnuts with ribbon in shape of heart

Are Walnuts Healthy?

Walnuts contain healthy essential fatty acids and protein. Whether you eat them raw, toasted or add them to sweet and savory dishes, they are a

Are Raw Cashews Safe to Eat?

Raw Cashews

Have you eaten raw cashews before? Did their soft texture surprise and impress you? Glenda’s Farmhouse natural, raw cashews are unroasted, unsalted, and have been

Doctor holding handful of walnuts

Health Benefits of Walnuts

Add walnuts to your daily menu and take advantage of their many health benefits. High-quality, organic walnuts from Glenda’s Farmhouse provide vitamins and minerals that

Person with handful of walnuts

Best Walnut Brands

As you evaluate your options for the best walnut brands, consider Glenda’s Farmhouse. Our customers always receive only the very best organic walnuts at the

Worker opening fresh walnut with knife

Organic Walnuts

We hope you will make our organic walnuts your “go-to” nut of choice for cooking, baking, and snacking. Buy them direct from the grower –

Walnut Snack Ideas

Walnut Snack Ideas

California walnuts are crunchy, delicious, and make excellent crunchy snacks. If you are looking for walnut snack ideas, Glenda’s Farmhouse can help. Our organic walnuts

Try this banana walnut bread recipe.


Glenda’s Farmhouse is an Andersen & Sons Shelling brand. Since 1904, the Andersen family has been farming walnuts, prunes, and cattle in Vina, California. We

Bulk walnuts with scoop

Where to Buy Walnuts

Wondering where to buy walnuts? Look for walnuts in the produce section or snacking and baking aisles of your local supermarket, where they are sold

Person chopping walnuts on cutting board

What to Make With Walnuts?

Walnuts, thought to be brain food, can be eaten raw, as they are, or roasted to bring out more of their flavor. Glenda’s Farmhouse has

Organic walnuts on ground in orchard

Buy Organic Walnuts Online

If you are eager to buy organic walnuts online and seeking nuts grown with quality and care, look no further than Glenda’s Farmhouse. Online ordering

Walnuts on tree

Buy California Walnuts

Walnuts are not a native species to California, but about 99% of them are grown in the state today. Buy farm-fresh, natural Glenda’s Farmhouse walnut