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Kale Walnut Pesto

Kale Walnut Pesto

Amplify the flavors of your meal with some kale walnut pesto with this delicious Glenda’s Farmhouse recipe and products! The process is easy, and the results are flavorful.

Spinach Walnut Pesto

Spinach Walnut Pesto

Amplify the flavors of your next meal – breakfast, lunch, or dinner – with a delicious and easy spinach walnut pesto made with high-quality walnuts from Glenda’s Farmhouse!

Glenda's pumpkin cake sliced

Glenda’s Pumpkin Cake

Try this moist pumpkin cake with creamy rich frosting! Bring this to an event and you will shock everyone with how good this cake is.

Salted Caramel, Apple, Walnut Galette

Salted Caramel, Apple, Walnut Galette

This Galette is full of sweet and salty goodness. It is just as delish as a pie, but you can make it in half the time! You next party is going to be shocked and in love with this galette just as we are!

butter pecan cookies with a mason jar of milk

Butter Pecan Cookies

We love these Buttery Pecan cookies for the Fall. Theses cookies will elevate your baking skills. Take them to you next party or just for a snack, everyone is going to love them!

bowl of spiced pecans

Spiced Pecans

We like this Pecan recipe and hope you will too. Try these naturally sweet pecans as a snack and promote your healthy living!


Cashew Cheese

Have you decided to go vegan but miss the joy of eating cheese? Consider Cashew Cheese. While you can buy several brands of this treat on the commercial market, making your own allows you to control the ingredients and adjust for your own tastes.

Cashews spill out of a burlap bag on grey wooden table.

Are Cashews Good for You?

Have you heard that cashews are not good for you? Allow us to put that myth to rest. As part of a healthy diet, cashew

Whole in shell and out of shell pecans on a wooden black board.

Health Benefits of Pecans

The health benefits of pecans are pretty remarkable, not to mention how tasty they are. For snacking and culinary purposes, pecans are a veritable powerhouse.

Pecans and almonds rest in white bowls on a burlap placemat.

Pecans vs. Almonds

In the battle of pecans vs. almonds, which tree nut comes out on top regarding nutrition, health benefits, and culinary purposes? Glenda’s Farmhouse provides both

Keto Almond Flour Recipes

Almond Flour

In pursuing a healthier lifestyle, almond flour is an excellent substitute for the traditional stuff without the unhealthy processed carbs. Glenda’s Farmhouse offers almonds so

Two vegan tacos with walnut meat, guacamole, chipotle cream, yellow peppers, onions, cilantro, on corn tortillas on an orange plate.

Taco Meat Substitute

Do you miss Taco Tuesday since giving up meat consumption? With this healthy taco meat substitute made from walnuts, you can return to providing your

Walnut Meat Nutrition

Plant-Based Meat Substitutes

Have you decided to embrace a plant-based lifestyle and are looking for meat substitutes? You are in luck. From the innovations of food science to

Do Walnuts Have Carbs?

Do Walnuts Have Carbs?

If you listen to some in the diet world, all carbohydrates are evil. However, all carbs aren’t bad; some types of carbs are necessary. Walnuts

How Much Omega 3 In Walnuts?

How Much Omega 3 In Walnuts?

The health benefits of Omega 3 consumption are well-established, and with how much of this fatty acid is present in walnuts, health-conscious menu planners should

Do Walnuts Have Protein?

Do Walnuts Have Protein?

Protein is an essential element of nutrition, the primary component of muscle, and the molecule used for long-term energy storage. Meeting the requirements for protein

Walnut Pesto

Walnut Pesto

Pesto is an unexpected powerhouse in the kitchen. It functions as a flavor enhancer and sets off all sorts of recipes in unexpected ways. Using walnut pesto contributes incredible flavor, health benefits, and convenience. To keep your stock fresh and ready, choose Glenda’s Farmhouse for your supply.

Walnut Chicken

Walnut Chicken

Amplify the protein and the flavor of your next meal by choosing this Walnut Chicken recipe made with Glenda’s Farmhouse walnuts. We offer wholesome foods for American diets that you can order online for a ready supply and low price.

Pecan Pie Recipe

Pecan Pie Recipe

When family dinner culminates with a wholesome pecan pie, the crowd will surely be pleased, and you can’t go wrong with the following recipe.

Cashew Chicken

Cashew Chicken

Achieve take-out quality at home with a supply of Glenda’s Farmhouse cashews and the following easy-to-follow recipe for Cashew Chicken.

Peanut Free Facility

Peanut Free Facility

Knowing whether a peanut-free facility is critical when ordering tree nut products, especially if you have a family member or friend with an allergy. Glenda’s

Are Almonds Ketogenic?

Health Benefits of Almonds

Glenda’s Farmhouse is a key source of wholesome foods like almonds, walnuts, and more that are loaded with health benefits. From heart health to blood

Get the best Cashew Recipes.

Cashew Recipes

Cashews can be used in many ways in cooking. In addition to a wealth of quality cashew recipes, you’ll find them easy to use in

Best Meat Alternatives

Best Meat Alternatives

Embracing a plant-based diet is becoming more and more popular, with good reason. Improve your health and the environment by choosing a menu that avoids

Where To Buy Organic Almonds?

Where To Buy Organic Almonds?

Health begins with dietary choices. Incorporating a single serving of almonds per day contributes a wealth of nutrition, and Glenda’s Farmhouse is a premier provider

Health Benefits of Cashews

Health Benefits of Cashews

If you heard that cashews are fattening and shouldn’t be part of a healthy diet, think again. The health benefits of cashews run the gamut

Buy Cashews Online

Buy Cashews Online

When you buy cashews online from Glenda’s Farmhouse, you can keep a supply of fresh, quality cashews available. Our cashews are wholesome and affordable, as

Pecans Nutrition

Best Pecans to Buy

Pecans pack quite a nutritional punch within a convenient and yummy package. Glenda’s Farmhouse offers pecans grown with best practices, sustainable techniques, and ideal conditions.

Are Almonds Good for a Diet?

Are Almonds Good for a Diet?

A person’s diet provides insight into their lifestyle, schedule, priorities, and healthiness. If you are trying to improve yours, you’ll search for good foods for

Best Quality Almonds Online

Best Quality Almonds Online

For good output, you need good input, especially in terms of nutrition. The best health benefits come from quality almonds available online at Glenda’s Farmhouse.

Healthy Meat Substitutes

Protein Alternatives to Meat

Healthier eating, eco-conscious living, and compassionate treatment of fellow creatures are all reasons to seek foods that offer sufficient protein as alternatives to meat. Whether

Walnuts: Benefits for Women

Walnuts: Benefits for Women

Walnuts provide a wealth of nutritional benefits, some specifically for women. Unlike some healthy foods, walnuts taste great! Glenda’s Farmhouse is a convenient source of

California Walnuts Benefits

California Walnuts Benefits

The conscientious family’s diet focuses on nutrition, but the modern family also requires convenience. The benefits of walnuts grown right here at Glenda’s Farmhouse in

Nutritional Benefits of Walnuts

Nutritional Benefits of Walnuts

Adding healthy foods to your diet can be the small change you need to kickstart a healthier life. Enjoy more energy, better sleep, and even


Walnut Crumble Nachos

Try these Mexican-Inspired Walnut Crumbles in Nachos, Tacos, Burritos, Enchiladas and more for a vegan-friendly meal!

Three pieces of walnut fudge on a plate with bits of walnuts to the left and two whole nuts in the shell.

Walnut Fudge Recipe

Find your go-to holiday treat with this walnut fudge recipe. It packs a punch of rich chocolatey sweetness and the savoriness of walnuts. Glenda’s Farmhouse produces and distributes high-quality, fairly priced walnuts, almonds, cashews, and other goods.

Almond cookies that are shaped like ball, rolled in powered sugar and cooling.

Almond Cookie Recipe

Are you looking for the perfect recipe for after-school, birthday party, or tea party cookies? If so, the following Almond Cookie recipe will provide a delicious treat along with the nutrition that comes from the incorporation of almonds.

A jar of almond milk with almonds on the table near it.

Almond Milk Recipe

With this almond milk recipe you might just find that the alternative tastes better than the real thing.
As you make it, you can customize the recipe to incorporate your preferred flavors, levels of sweetness, and even cooked vs. uncooked.

Zucchini Walnut Bread

Zucchini Walnut Bread Recipe

Want to add a bit of nutrition and flavor to your bread recipe? Choose to add a bit of walnut to the mix. Glenda’s Farmhouse produces and distributes quality tree nut products straight to your door, so keep a supply of walnuts on hand to make the following fantastic recipes and many others.

honey roasted cashews

Honey Roasted Cashews

Treat yourself with these delicious Honey Roasted Cashews, the perfect combination of sweet and savory. Tasty but loaded with healthy nutrition, this treat can be enjoyed sans guilt. Make this recipe for any special occasion, holiday, or a day that ends in Y!

Are Walnuts Keto Friendly?

Spiced Walnuts

Variety is the spice of life, and the same is true for your diet. Spiced walnuts offer an excellent option for health-conscious families who want

Can You Substitute Almond Flour For Regular Flour?

Keto Almonds

All good keto enthusiasts should consider the macros of any unfamiliar food before consumption, even almonds. Maintaining ketosis requires the perfect balance of macronutrients –

Are Almonds Kosher for Passover?

How Much Protein in Almonds?

Food buyers interested in how much protein is found in almonds will be pleasantly surprised by the wealth of macronutrients and vitamins gained from consumption.

How Many Carbs in Almonds

How Many Carbs in Almonds?

Are you concerned about how many carbs are in almonds as you follow a Keto or low-carb diet plan? Almonds fit well within a low-carb

Benefits of Raw Almonds

How Many Calories in Almonds?

Escape the devastating effects of sugar and unhealthy eating by embracing a healthier nutritional lifestyle. Almonds and other nuts are being touted as an excellent

Walnut Butter Recipe

Walnut Butter Recipe

For a healthy breakfast or snack, try this walnut butter recipe. Spread on toast or used as a dip for celery or apples, walnut butter brings essential fatty acids, healthy cholesterol, and protein to your meal.

Walnut Cookie Recipe

Walnut Cookies

Healthy cookies are an oxymoron that few will believe, but when you incorporate walnuts into the batter, you bring protein, Omega-3s, and other nutrients into a delicious snack. Glenda’s Farmhouse grows, shells, packages, and sells our wholesome walnuts for families to create quality food.

If you’re looking for a wholesome snack to bake for the kids afternoon treat, consider these walnut cookies.

Walnut Meat Vegan Tacos

Vegan Walnut Meat

Vegan walnut meat is an innovative solution for dishes that former meat eaters typically crave. In fact, the “meat” works so well that omnivores may choose to embrace the concept of Meatless Monday.

Looking for Plant-Based Meat Alternatives. Try Vegan Walnut Taco Meat!

Vegan Walnut Taco Meat

Vegan walnut taco meat is a tasty, nutritious alternative to traditional ground beef tacos. With this recipe, you can extend Meatless Monday into Taco Tuesday with no complaints from your family!

Vegan Walnut Pesto Recipe

Vegan Walnut Pesto

Vegans should never sacrifice flavor, and with walnut pesto, the blandest dishes can become savory and delightful. Glenda’s Farmhouse sells quality, healthy walnuts, conveniently and affordably purchased and delivered.

Eating Walnuts on Keto

Walnuts Nutritional Information

Have you been trying to change your diet with the most nutritious foods available? Consider the nutritional information regarding walnuts, and then order your supply

Walnuts a source of omega 3s

Walnuts – A Source of Omega-3

The fuel for your life is set at your table. Bringing sufficient nutrition to your family can be difficult in a world full of convenience

Healthy plant-based zucchini pasta topped with meatless walnut cauliflower bolognese, top view table scene on a white marble background

Vegetarian Meat Substitutes

The transition to the vegetarian lifestyle can be tricky, even if it’s only for one day of the week. But with meat substitutes, your meals

Top Vegan Protein Sources

Protein In Walnuts

The protein in walnuts is a low-carb, healthy source for muscle-building nutrition. Glenda’s Farmhouse provides a quality source for whole walnuts as well as crumbled

Cauliflower Walnut Taco Meat

Plant-Based Meat Alternatives

Prepared plant-based meat alternatives have flooded the grocery market, but plenty of whole foods can be used to prepare your own mock meat. Glenda’s Farmhouse

Maple Glazed Walnuts over Glazed Pears

Glazed Walnuts Recipe

For a healthy way to keep your sugar cravings in check, prepare a stash of glazed walnuts with this recipe to keep in your fridge. The perfect combination of sweet and savory and packed with nutrition, glazed walnuts can be enjoyed on their own or as a sweet compliment to yogurt, salads, oatmeal, and more!

Walnut Shrimp Recipe

Walnut Shrimp Recipe

Your dinner can be tasty and nutritious with a few high-quality, fresh ingredients and a few minutes of preparation. Healthy dishes can be delicious, quick, and easy! With your walnut supply from Glenda’s Farmhouse, prepare this walnut shrimp recipe on the next weeknight that deserves a special dish, but time is short.

Healthy Candied Walnuts

How To Make Candied Walnuts

Living a healthier life can be difficult, especially when your cravings run to sweet foods. With a supply of walnuts from Glenda’s Farmhouse, you can satisfy your sweet tooth while incorporating nutrition. Here, we’ll explain how to easily and healthily make candied walnuts.